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WIN/Staff PRO-FILE is a web-based application system enabling practitioners and healthcare organizations (HCOs) to reference a single common credentialing application database. Practitioners update required information and HCOs access application information via secured web access. Our unique, proprietary security technology places information control in the hands of the practitioner. HCOs control the receipt of applications, replacing the current practice dependent on mail delivery following the completion of paper forms by busy practitioner staffs.

While some companies offer online application products, they still rely on paper forms for practitioners to review, sign, and send via mail to healthcare organizations. WIN/Staff PRO-FILE provides a complete end-to-end electronic solution by delivering practitioner applications, signatures, attestations, and copies of credentials electronically to healthcare organizations. The information may then be electronically imported to a healthcare organization's credentialing software, using WIN/Staff ENTERPRISE, or another product. Both practitioners and healthcare organizations benefit with significant time and cost savings.

Healthcare Organization Benefits

  • Electronic resource for credentialing application information retrieval, resulting in faster turnaround for credentialing process
  • Eliminates paper, postage and labor costs expended on paper applications, saving time, money and resources
  • Practitioner information is routinely updated and attested by practitioners, ensuring information is accurate and current
  • Electronic interface with WIN/Staff ENTERPRISE or other credentialing software eliminating data entry costs
  • Automatic alert notification of pending credential expiration, highlighting practitioners to contact

Healthcare Organization PRO-FILE Screen Shots

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