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IMAGE/Staff Integrated Document Imaging is now available as an optional feature to WIN/Staff. This feature allows you to scan and store all documentation related to a provider in the computer. Documents such as copies of DEA Certificate, Medical License, Malpractice Insurance Policy, Prior Litigation Cases, Board Certificate, CV, and any other documents that pertain to a practitioner are stored in an electronic file folder that can be quickly accessed, printed, FAXed, emailed, or merged with other Windows applications without ever needing to manually pull the file from the file cabinet. Just think of the time savings when submitting hospital and Health Plan applications.

A simple mouse click on the file folder icon will display this provider's file folder and all documents associated. Just click on the document desired and a facsimile image of the document appears. A document can then be printed on a laser printer for exact reproduction of the original document. This eliminates the need to manually pull files from a file cabinet and make copies for requesting health plans, hospitals, or any other parties needing this information.

Sophisticated security protects this information from unauthorized access. The software supports all industry-standard formats and equipment and can be used for other applications other than credentialing. For example, health plan contracts, patient surveys, vendor invoices, and any other correspondence could all be scanned, stored and accessed with the same system.

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