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WIN/Staff includes many standard reports in addition to the powerful Custom Report Generator. The following reports and letters are included with the system:

  • Complete Listing of All providers and Comprehensive data. It can be used for applications to health plans.

Provider Listings

Management Reports

Credentialing Letters with Automatic Mail Merge

  • Providers with Pending State License Expiration
  • Providers with Pending DEA License Expiration
  • Providers with Pending Malpractice Insurance Policy Expiration
  • Primary Source Verification Letters(PDF)
  • Automatic Interface to Computer FAX for Direct FAX to Provider Office
  • Integrated Internet E-Mail with direct interface to database

In addition to the above reports, you can easily create your own ad-hoc reports to access any field stored by the system. The Custom Report Generator allows you to visually pick and choose the data field, define the font size and bolding, and italics. You can create your own totals and sub-totals on any field on the report.

Click on the links below for additional information and samples of the Enterprise Solution.
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+ Individual Provider Information + Standard System and Reports
+ IMAGE/Staff (Integrated Document Imaging) + Pricing and System Requirements
+ Word Processing Integration + WIN/Staff Forms


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